Happy 4th! We had a baby!


Happy 4th of July! I’m using this extra day of freedom (pun intended) to update our blog.

Dallas and I are thrilled to announce the birth of Cecily Anne on May 11th at 7:53pm, weighing 7 lbs even and measuring 18.5 inches long! Basically, we’re like one of those hip celebrity couples who waits two months to tell everyone that they had a baby. We’re pretty hip.

Here she is! In addition to celeb status, waiting two months gives you the added bonus of two months worth of pictures to share:

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Bridal Shower

Weekend before last, Lauren’s mom and sisters threw Lauren and me a great bridal shower in Rochester Hills, MI. It was a wonderful chance to see family and friends. Personally, I had a great time meeting many of Lauren’s family friends so I can finally put faces to names! Lauren had a blast catching up with everyone from her hometown and getting a chance to share where she grew up with my mom and sister.

Aside from seeing everyone, my favorite part was, of course, the food! We had two different salads that were really great, but the best part was definitely dessert. Lauren’s mom got us a traditional Italian wedding cake from a bakery in the area, and it was very delicious! The favors were very special, too. They were peanut butter bears, an old favorite of Lauren’s (and mine), and they were dressed up for the occasion as brides and grooms. Lauren’s mom made each one by hand! We really appreciated all the hard work that went into the day.

Unwrapping gifts

We also loved all of the wonderful gifts we received! Everyone was so supportive and generous. Lauren and I can’t wait to fill a new home, especially the kitchen, with all of our new things. We are looking forward to putting these gifts to good use. We even have a couple of meals planned out for some of our new kitchenware!

All in all, it was a really great day. Thank you to everyone who helped make it special! We can’t wait for October!