Happy 4th! We had a baby!


Happy 4th of July! I’m using this extra day of freedom (pun intended) to update our blog.

Dallas and I are thrilled to announce the birth of Cecily Anne on May 11th at 7:53pm, weighing 7 lbs even and measuring 18.5 inches long! Basically, we’re like one of those hip celebrity couples who waits two months to tell everyone that they had a baby. We’re pretty hip.

Here she is! In addition to celeb status, waiting two months gives you the added bonus of two months worth of pictures to share:

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An update

Oops! Has it been over six months since I updated? I know you’ve all been on the EDGE of your seats waiting for news. SO MUCH SUSPENSE.

Well, exciting news – everything is fine and normal over here! We have both started our new jobs (or at least internship for me). Dallas is really liking OSIsoft and I am really liking CHOP.

Dallas’s diploma actually came in the mail just this past week. It arrived damaged, so we have to send it back to get a replacement. Pretty fitting way to end the whole grad school experience for Dallas – with one last annoying hoop to jump through. But, he’s done so we’ll take it!

Frankie is really loving our new place. We moved at the end of May to a place that is almost three times as big as our old place. It has a little yard, too, so she is living the life! We love our new apartment and neighborhood. It’s not so in the middle of things, but we have so much more space and the neighborhood is more residential. Still close to everything, too. Pretty great. Breaking news: Frankie earned a participation trophy for her first agility league. I would say that this must mean we have too much time on our hands, but really I think it is out of desperation (and love, of course) that we have resorted to weekly agility to tire the nut out. She came in dead last, so I’m thinking this is not a blossoming career here. At least we can say we now have a really embarrassing hobby…so win? And an actual participation trophy for our dog? It’s pretty cute, so I reluctantly say win.

Now, we’re just looking forward to the fall. Fall has always been my favorite season, and it’s especially long and beautiful in Philadelphia. It finally cools off, the leaves change colors, and I get to break out the boots and scarves. What’s not to love! And our third anniversary! We’ll be headed to Chicago for Thanksgiving. Can’t believe it’s almost that time. Pretty soon, I’ll be applying for post-doc positions and stressing out over the next big thing…but that’s a story for a later post. Pumpkin spice everything here I come!

Dallas lands a job

Great news! Dallas has officially accepted a job at OSIsoft in Philadelphia. As usual, I am still trying to figure out exactly what he will be doing, but he assures me it has to do with “science” and “math” and something about “software for chemical engineering”. Ok Dallas…

We are very excited to be sticking around Philly for the foreseeable future. I find out exactly where I will be on February 20th, and then we’ll really have a good sense of how things will shake out next year. For now, though, we are thrilled to have one down.

Congrats Dallas!!

Happy New Year!

Dallas and I wanted to take a little time to look back over the last year. It certainly has been a busy one! We attended several weddings, I defended my dissertation proposal, Frankie turned one, and we moved to Philadelphia. Not too shabby!

Dallas and I spent most of our time this fall on the hunt for a job (Dallas) and an internship position (me). I will hopefully match to an internship site on February 20th, and then we will have a better picture of where we’ll be! For now, it’s looking like the east coast or Chicago. Dallas is busy sending in applications, so he might know something this spring. It’s very exciting to be almost done with grad school. These applications really feel like the light at the end of the tunnel. Dallas will hopefully graduate spring 2015, and I’ll be not far behind in spring of 2016. Dr. and Dr. Swift? Drs. Lauren and Dallas Swift? Not sure how that one is going to sound…

Next year promises to be a big year for us. For one, hopefully Dallas will have a semi-permanent job! Yippee! We’ll probably be moving again (backyard for Frankie?), we have lots of fabulous weddings to attend, and we might even squeeze in a few wine classes and date nights! We’re mostly just feeling excited to be finishing up grad school and getting a better sense of where we’ll be for the next 3-5 years. We’ll keep you all posted!

Happy New Year!

Philly Residents

Hello from the big city! Somehow we made it through a crazy spring, and here we are! Living it up in 450 sq. ft. of amazing. Did we mention our new place is really small? We’ve made good use of every inch, though, and it’s actually not so bad. It’s really quite cute! Also cute and small is our new car! We just bought a green Ford Fiesta (lovingly nicknamed the Party Car)!

Philly has been a blast already. Just this past weekend, we celebrated Bastille Day at the old Eastern State Penitentiary by throwing Tastykakes (a Philly favorite) from the prison walls (Let them eat Tastykakes!). This is apparently a longstanding Philly tradition. Okaaayyy! We’ve also been enjoying the amazing food. Philly definitely has a leg up on Newark in that respect.

Since we last checked in about life stuff, I’ve finished collecting my dissertation data and started two new clinical positions at the First State School (a school for chronically ill kids) and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Division of Oncology. Dallas and I are both preparing to apply for the next big thing – for him, jobs and for me, internship! We can’t believe it’s time to start thinking about post-grad school plans…or can we? We’re really pumped to move forward and say goodbye to the student life!

I’ve also had a little bit of free time lately! Finally! I have to admit I feel a little guilty not working constantly, but a little bit of guilt is worth it because I am finally BAKING again and ICE CREAM MAKING! In the last month, I’ve made five batches of ice cream, black raspberry cobbler, blondies, and just tonight, sour cherry hand pies…also making plans to start running again…yikes.

Finally, Frankie is almost one! Of course I’m planning some fun dog-themed birthday activities for her, but in case Dallas reads this…no, we are not having a birthday party for her…wink wink. Happy (almost) birthday Frankie!

Fun in Rittenhouse Square

The calm before the storm

Hey everyone!

We’re gearing up for a ridiculously busy spring over here, so I thought I would take a minute to post before things get crazy. Not much has changed for us – still in grad school, still in our little house, still hanging out with the cutest dog ever (obligatory picture below. Look how big she’s getting!).

Woof I love my strawberry!

Mostly, we are focused on preparing for things to get really nuts in April. From about mid-April through the end of May, lots of things will be happening! I’ll be collecting the last round of data for my dissertation (YAY! ALMOST DONE!), we’ll be visiting my sister’s new baby in OH, running a half-marathon, celebrating Dallas’s sister’s graduation in NC, getting all fancied up for my best friend’s wedding in MI, somehow completing my finals, and then moving to Philly by June 1st! Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is a FIVE WEEK SPAN complete with a new baby, a wedding, a graduation, a 13-mile run, a move, and (somehow) work. Yikes! It really is an exciting time, though, and it’s awesome that we have so many positive things filling our time. We just have to survive it!

For now, though, our days are mostly filled with regular old work, hanging out with Frankie, and looking for places to live in Philadelphia. FUN! It’s exciting to get to explore the neighborhoods, and even though Philly is only 45 minutes north of where we are now, it’s preparing for the move that has really gotten us acquainted with the city. We are excited to get to know it even better when we’re up there! We’re sad to leave our cute little rental house in Newark (darn undergrads outbid us for next year), but also – BIG CITY HERE WE COME! Also, I’ve just accepted a clinical position at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP, as it’s known around here), so I’ll be up there part-time for work, too. Fun!

So, for now, it’s boring boring boring, but we’re getting ready for a whirlwind of a spring! Lots of great things coming our way…here’s hoping we make it to June in one piece! See you on the other side!

One year (and a couple of weeks) later

Wellllll things have gotten a little busy around here, so we haven’t had a chance to post recently. BUT, you may have heard (because I told everyone we know…or even just ran into on the street) that we got a Finnish Lapphund puppy, right in time to celebrate our first anniversary. Our new little pupster is a furry girl named Frankie. Why such a gender-confused name, you ask? Frankie is short for Francis Underwoof, a play on the character Francis Underwood from one of our favorite shows, House of Cards. Also, we just thought it was cute and we weren’t sure whether we were getting a boy or a girl for a while. ANYWAY, bring on the pictures!

Aside from hanging out with the cutest dog in the whole world, Dallas and I celebrated our anniversary with a health-concious breakfast of wedding cake (not too bad for being frozen for a year!) and apple cider. We also shared a fantastic dinner in Philly that featured some fancy cheese. Soooo FANCY.

You may also remember those wine bottles from our wedding that guests filled with notes. We opened the first one! Our guests left some great notes, and here are a few of our favorites:

“HAPPY ONE YEAR! Reflect on your special day and your covalent bond.”
-Ariel and Colin Williamson

“Why couldn’t your mom and dad have had more kids? Really hope to see you all again!”
-Perry and the “Newsmaker” (our band, sad to be done with all of the Troy girls’ weddings)

“Dear Lauren and Dallas – Remember, a deep breath and a strong kiss go a long way.”
-Deborah and Warren Baker

“Lauren and Dallas! It’s been one year…what? Ummmm, celebrate with us? Yes? That’s what I thought. Party at your house!!”
-Carly  Yasinski and John Garner

Thank you to our guests for the funny, kind, and thoughtful notes! Some were a bit too uh…inappropriate to post on here – you know who you are. We loved them all, though! Can’t wait to do this again at year five!

Happy fall everyone!

So long 2012

This post may be a week or two late, but we wanted to wish all of our friends and family a happy holidays! It’s been quite the year for us. In the past year, we got married and moved. Dallas submitted a first-author publication and brewed a whole bunch of beer. I earned my masters degree and started an antibullying program in Delaware community centers and schools. Not bad! Thanks to everyone who helped us get through it one piece.

Resolutions for 2013:

1) Eat out less.
2) Do laundry more than once per month.
3) Enjoy our honeymoon.

My prediction is that we end up one for three. Guess which one!

We did it!

It’s official – we’re married! We had an amazing time at our wedding last weekend. It’s hard to believe it’s over! Thank you so much to everyone who was able to share our special day with us. It was great to have the people we care about with us as we start our life together. For those of you who have been asking, we’ve included a couple of pictures. We’ll be sure to share more as soon as they’re ready! Thank you again to everyone who made the weekend completely unforgettable!

One month to go

Dallas and I can’t believe it’s just one month until the wedding! This year has gone by so fast. We’re getting very excited, though. Everything is really coming together. Just to get you excited, too, here are some fun things to look forward to at the wedding!

Cake: The bottom layer is four layers of chocolate fudge cake, with alternating peanut butter and salted caramel fillings in between. The top layer is buttercream cake with passion fruit cream and buttercream filling with a raspberry drizzle for the top. Yum!

Colors: The colors are light peach and light gray, with some light green and little bits of dark purple mixed in.

Finally, we have some engagement pictures to share!

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Hopefully you’re getting as excited for the big day as we are!