Baby on the way!

We’re snowed in here in Philly, so I thought it would be a good time to write a new post! After the wildly warm winter, we’re due for some snow. It’s all coming at once! This morning, the snow had piled so high against our door that I had to shovel it out to keep it from falling in. Frankie had a blast running around our yard this morning! I think she actually runs faster through the snow than over solid ground. I tried to catch her, but no luck!

Video evidence:


Both of our jobs are going well. I just started a new rotation at OSIsoft. I’ll get to work more closely with some of our customers, which will be an exciting change. I’ll be traveling a bit more, but still spending most of my time here in Philly. Lauren is just a couple of weeks away from defending her dissertation! She’s been working hard getting it ready, but I know that she’ll do great. She’s also been applying to post-doctoral fellowship positions; we’ll see where she ends up soon!

Now for the important stuff – the big news since our last post is that we found out that we are having a baby! Before you ask, here’s the key information:

  1. The due date is May 23rd.
  2. Yes, we have found out the sex! It’s a girl!
  3. We’re really excited about her!!!
  4. Lauren is feeling well – better than earlier. She’s sporting a nice bump!
  5. No weird cravings yet, but I’ll let you know if the pickles starts to vanish!

Baby SwiftThanks for reading!