An update

Oops! Has it been over six months since I updated? I know you’ve all been on the EDGE of your seats waiting for news. SO MUCH SUSPENSE.

Well, exciting news – everything is fine and normal over here! We have both started our new jobs (or at least internship for me). Dallas is really liking OSIsoft and I am really liking CHOP.

Dallas’s diploma actually came in the mail just this past week. It arrived damaged, so we have to send it back to get a replacement. Pretty fitting way to end the whole grad school experience for Dallas – with one last annoying hoop to jump through. But, he’s done so we’ll take it!

Frankie is really loving our new place. We moved at the end of May to a place that is almost three times as big as our old place. It has a little yard, too, so she is living the life! We love our new apartment and neighborhood. It’s not so in the middle of things, but we have so much more space and the neighborhood is more residential. Still close to everything, too. Pretty great. Breaking news: Frankie earned a participation trophy for her first agility league. I would say that this must mean we have too much time on our hands, but really I think it is out of desperation (and love, of course) that we have resorted to weekly agility to tire the nut out. She came in dead last, so I’m thinking this is not a blossoming career here. At least we can say we now have a really embarrassing hobby…so win? And an actual participation trophy for our dog? It’s pretty cute, so I reluctantly say win.

Now, we’re just looking forward to the fall. Fall has always been my favorite season, and it’s especially long and beautiful in Philadelphia. It finally cools off, the leaves change colors, and I get to break out the boots and scarves. What’s not to love! And our third anniversary! We’ll be headed to Chicago for Thanksgiving. Can’t believe it’s almost that time. Pretty soon, I’ll be applying for post-doc positions and stressing out over the next big thing…but that’s a story for a later post. Pumpkin spice everything here I come!