Happy New Year!

Dallas and I wanted to take a little time to look back over the last year. It certainly has been a busy one! We attended several weddings, I defended my dissertation proposal, Frankie turned one, and we moved to Philadelphia. Not too shabby!

Dallas and I spent most of our time this fall on the hunt for a job (Dallas) and an internship position (me). I will hopefully match to an internship site on February 20th, and then we will have a better picture of where we’ll be! For now, it’s looking like the east coast or Chicago. Dallas is busy sending in applications, so he might know something this spring. It’s very exciting to be almost done with grad school. These applications really feel like the light at the end of the tunnel. Dallas will hopefully graduate spring 2015, and I’ll be not far behind in spring of 2016. Dr. and Dr. Swift? Drs. Lauren and Dallas Swift? Not sure how that one is going to sound…

Next year promises to be a big year for us. For one, hopefully Dallas will have a semi-permanent job! Yippee! We’ll probably be moving again (backyard for Frankie?), we have lots of fabulous weddings to attend, and we might even squeeze in a few wine classes and date nights! We’re mostly just feeling excited to be finishing up grad school and getting a better sense of where we’ll be for the next 3-5 years. We’ll keep you all posted!

Happy New Year!


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