Happy first birthday Frankie!

We can’t believe it’s been a year already! Here’s some pictures from today’s mini-celebration.

P.S. Frankie hated the hat.


Philly Residents

Hello from the big city! Somehow we made it through a crazy spring, and here we are! Living it up in 450 sq. ft. of amazing. Did we mention our new place is really small? We’ve made good use of every inch, though, and it’s actually not so bad. It’s really quite cute! Also cute and small is our new car! We just bought a green Ford Fiesta (lovingly nicknamed the Party Car)!

Philly has been a blast already. Just this past weekend, we celebrated Bastille Day at the old Eastern State Penitentiary by throwing Tastykakes (a Philly favorite) from the prison walls (Let them eat Tastykakes!). This is apparently a longstanding Philly tradition. Okaaayyy! We’ve also been enjoying the amazing food. Philly definitely has a leg up on Newark in that respect.

Since we last checked in about life stuff, I’ve finished collecting my dissertation data and started two new clinical positions at the First State School (a school for chronically ill kids) and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Division of Oncology. Dallas and I are both preparing to apply for the next big thing – for him, jobs and for me, internship! We can’t believe it’s time to start thinking about post-grad school plans…or can we? We’re really pumped to move forward and say goodbye to the student life!

I’ve also had a little bit of free time lately! Finally! I have to admit I feel a little guilty not working constantly, but a little bit of guilt is worth it because I am finally BAKING again and ICE CREAM MAKING! In the last month, I’ve made five batches of ice cream, black raspberry cobbler, blondies, and just tonight, sour cherry hand pies…also making plans to start running again…yikes.

Finally, Frankie is almost one! Of course I’m planning some fun dog-themed birthday activities for her, but in case Dallas reads this…no, we are not having a birthday party for her…wink wink. Happy (almost) birthday Frankie!

Fun in Rittenhouse Square