The calm before the storm

Hey everyone!

We’re gearing up for a ridiculously busy spring over here, so I thought I would take a minute to post before things get crazy. Not much has changed for us – still in grad school, still in our little house, still hanging out with the cutest dog ever (obligatory picture below. Look how big she’s getting!).

Woof I love my strawberry!

Mostly, we are focused on preparing for things to get really nuts in April. From about mid-April through the end of May, lots of things will be happening! I’ll be collecting the last round of data for my dissertation (YAY! ALMOST DONE!), we’ll be visiting my sister’s new baby in OH, running a half-marathon, celebrating Dallas’s sister’s graduation in NC, getting all fancied up for my best friend’s wedding in MI, somehow completing my finals, and then moving to Philly by June 1st! Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is a FIVE WEEK SPAN complete with a new baby, a wedding, a graduation, a 13-mile run, a move, and (somehow) work. Yikes! It really is an exciting time, though, and it’s awesome that we have so many positive things filling our time. We just have to survive it!

For now, though, our days are mostly filled with regular old work, hanging out with Frankie, and looking for places to live in Philadelphia. FUN! It’s exciting to get to explore the neighborhoods, and even though Philly is only 45 minutes north of where we are now, it’s preparing for the move that has really gotten us acquainted with the city. We are excited to get to know it even better when we’re up there! We’re sad to leave our cute little rental house in Newark (darn undergrads outbid us for next year), but also – BIG CITY HERE WE COME! Also, I’ve just accepted a clinical position at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP, as it’s known around here), so I’ll be up there part-time for work, too. Fun!

So, for now, it’s boring boring boring, but we’re getting ready for a whirlwind of a spring! Lots of great things coming our way…here’s hoping we make it to June in one piece! See you on the other side!


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