One year (and a couple of weeks) later

Wellllll things have gotten a little busy around here, so we haven’t had a chance to post recently. BUT, you may have heard (because I told everyone we know…or even just ran into on the street) that we got a Finnish Lapphund puppy, right in time to celebrate our first anniversary. Our new little pupster is a furry girl named Frankie. Why such a gender-confused name, you ask? Frankie is short for Francis Underwoof, a play on the character Francis Underwood from one of our favorite shows, House of Cards. Also, we just thought it was cute and we weren’t sure whether we were getting a boy or a girl for a while. ANYWAY, bring on the pictures!

Aside from hanging out with the cutest dog in the whole world, Dallas and I celebrated our anniversary with a health-concious breakfast of wedding cake (not too bad for being frozen for a year!) and apple cider. We also shared a fantastic dinner in Philly that featured some fancy cheese. Soooo FANCY.

You may also remember those wine bottles from our wedding that guests filled with notes. We opened the first one! Our guests left some great notes, and here are a few of our favorites:

“HAPPY ONE YEAR! Reflect on your special day and your covalent bond.”
-Ariel and Colin Williamson

“Why couldn’t your mom and dad have had more kids? Really hope to see you all again!”
-Perry and the “Newsmaker” (our band, sad to be done with all of the Troy girls’ weddings)

“Dear Lauren and Dallas – Remember, a deep breath and a strong kiss go a long way.”
-Deborah and Warren Baker

“Lauren and Dallas! It’s been one year…what? Ummmm, celebrate with us? Yes? That’s what I thought. Party at your house!!”
-Carly  Yasinski and John Garner

Thank you to our guests for the funny, kind, and thoughtful notes! Some were a bit too uh…inappropriate to post on here – you know who you are. We loved them all, though! Can’t wait to do this again at year five!

Happy fall everyone!