Updates and Our Honeymoon

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since Lauren and I last posted. So much has happened since then! We’ve gone on our honeymoon, Lauren’s accepted a practicum position at a children’s hospital in Wilmington for next year, and I’ve been to my first conference in Houston! Of course, the honeymoon was by far the most memorable of all of these things.

Lauren and I had such an amazing time in Costa Rica! We were there for about a week, and had plenty of time to ourselves for relaxing and exploring the area. We saw wildlife (monkeys!), went surfing for the first time together, and even ate some terrific food. Surprisingly, we had some of the best Italian food ever down there. It was truly the perfect trip for us!

ATV on the beach

I especially enjoyed a spear fishing day trip that we took towards the end of the trip. Dinner!Our guide took us out near this tiny island and showed us all the best fish to catch. We had such a blast! After spear fishing, we tried our hand at regular fishing out in the ocean. That was less successful, though we still had a great time. We even got to take some of the meat back with us to the hotel, where we dined on it for the last few days. I don’t think I’ve ever had fresher fish!

Lauren really loved the Costa Rican outdoors. We enjoyed bird watching, hikes through a reserve, and horseback riding on the beach. It was such an amazing trip! We hope we’ll get to go back to Costa Rica some day, but at least we have some awesome memories to hold onto until then. We can’t wait!

Pura vida!