One month to go

Dallas and I can’t believe it’s just one month until the wedding! This year has gone by so fast. We’re getting very excited, though. Everything is really coming together. Just to get you excited, too, here are some fun things to look forward to at the wedding!

Cake: The bottom layer is four layers of chocolate fudge cake, with alternating peanut butter and salted caramel fillings in between. The top layer is buttercream cake with passion fruit cream and buttercream filling with a raspberry drizzle for the top. Yum!

Colors: The colors are light peach and light gray, with some light green and little bits of dark purple mixed in.

Finally, we have some engagement pictures to share!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hopefully you’re getting as excited for the big day as we are!

One thought on “One month to go

  1. Dallas and Lauren…engagement pictures divine! Can hardly wait for Chicago’s “royal” event as these pictures depict a Prince Charming and his Princess….certainly confirms as seen in your eyes and smiles a perfect union! Much love, Aunt Pam

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