Happy Birthday Dallas!

Dallas turns the big 2-4 today. Happy birthday to him! Here’s what we’re doing to celebrate his birthday (er…birth-weekend).

  • Surprise (!) breakfast today
  • Some sort of delicious dinner on Friday
  • Visiting family in Baltimore on Saturday
  • Beer tasting!

Most exciting is BEER TASTING! About a month ago, I bought Dallas a home brew kit as an early birthday present. It was quite the process, but we now have about a gallon of IPA fermented and carbonating (hopefully?) under the kitchen sink! We can’t wait to test it out. We’re hoping that 1) it’s drinkable and 2) it’s alcoholic, but we’d probably settle for one or the other. Here’s hoping!

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dallas!

  1. For two lovebird beer lovers:
    The Dekalb Market
    Life-size containers of beer

    Take a weekend trip to NYC-stay with either Bartow or MOlly!

    Being found in an abandoned shipping container generally means one of two things: either you’re homeless, or you got caught smuggling drugs in tiny dolls by Batman. And since both of those situations probably make you want a drink, maybe it makes sense that the newly reopened Dekalb Market decided to launch a beer garden amongst their stacks of crates. Here’s what you need to know:

    You’re Invited: Spring Sampling Events from Averna Amaro
    “Like” Averna Amaro on Facebook to score details on tastings happening this April in Williamsburg. Boasting an herb- and citrus-infused flavor that’s equally sippable as a shot, in a cocktail, neat, or on the rocks, Averno Amaro is a truly versatile drink — because when it comes to matters of mixology, going with the flow is an art. Learn how to stimulate your tipple senses, here

    Amidst their shipping container labyrinth are a young Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie’s outrageous spandex camel toe the urban farms and craft shops from before, but some new arrivals are injecting high-BAC blood to the mix, most notably a picnic-tabled center beer garden rocking cans, bottles, and, come May, drafts from local NY brews including Blue Point Toasted Lager, Sixpoint Sweet Action, and Ommegang Witte, which you’d certainly need to make a non-dirty joke about “Sweet Action”.
    Surrounding the garden are some new dude-pleasing food operations — The Big Cheesesteak serves big-ass cheesesteaks, Dekalb Wings handles the pollo, and the German-style Madhouse Bakery slings artisanal sandwiches — but perhaps most heralded is a part-timer from last year whose overwhelming success demanded its return: Mayhem & Stout, who specialize in slow-braised sandos (short rib, pork shoulder, or chicken thighs) with toppings like blueberry Sriracha, basil oil, and something called Dragon Sauce, which explains why you’re afraid to step on the scale.
    Because any outdoor space demands a party, all sorts of happenings will be going from now ’til December, including Sunday afternoon dance parties, weekly concerts, rooftop films, lobster boils hosted by Red Hook, bike in movie nights, food competitions, and hopefully a roller derby, another collection of giant boxes that will drive you to drink.

    Add this to My Thrillist

    This weekend they’re kicking things off with live music, DJ sets, and $1 mimosas for everyone; check out more at DekalbMarket.com
    The Dekalb Market
    The beer garden’s open weekends in April and full time starting in May
    138 Willoughby St, nr Flatbush Ave; Brooklyn Map

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